Sunday, June 25, 2017

Who Describes Whom

Do not be mistaken please,
I am not me anymore,
For sometimes, I take many forms
The unrequited love and its lingering sting
The never fading past and obscure future
The madness and occasional fits of sanity
That fluid shrill stillness and stifled words
The chaos within and dead silence around

When I lose myself, I am much more
I am the pain and its momentary cure,
I become the poem and the poet too
Concealed such between the lines
That no soul can ever tell,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

It is Right to Write!

There is a certain joy in interacting and communicating. After all, no man can live in isolation or in a state of complete silence. Psychology often warns us about bottling up our feelings, for it can cause a plethora of health issues, mental as well as physical. Some introverts will frown at this and will state that too much communication is so taxing on their nerves while extroverts will rejoice at the idea of interacting with almost any one they meet! It is important that we share our feelings, but it is also equally important who our audience is. In these days of rising crimes, we women cannot afford to share our deepest emotions and plans with any casual acquaintance. As Warren Buffet says “Honesty is a very expensive Gift. Do not expect it from cheap people”, and who knows what one may devise while fooling us with a smiling face and compassionate words? So, what is the way out? How can we find that balance? The perfect solution lies in befriending our own beautiful selves and venting it all in a personal journal

Yes, a personal diary or a journal- that will indeed be the most loyal friend. After a few months or journal keeping, we will also have a record of what and how we sailed through. I would like to share below a little story that we all women will, I am dead sure, be able to relate to and after that, I am going to reveal the most beautiful thing I have come across in journals!

Today I will tell you a story, neither old nor new
That we need to learn from follies of others too
Better be alert and not allow inanity to stay
That can damage us in more than one way

There was a young girl whose story I will tell
Her hair was curly dark and eyes soft hazel
She loved to write and think and converse
But alas! Could never find an eager audience

She would speak all day to leaves and snails
To her pet cats, lazy bums with furry tails
To her friends and neighbors and cousins,
Tired to core of her incessant musings

So, she would roam alone here and there
Singing her songs and poems she prepared
And would talk all about her ideas and beliefs
But no keen ear she found to give her relief

Then! One day, she was ranting on and on
And caught the fancy of a young gentleman
Lost in her words, in all her unheeding ways,
She talked to anyone willing to share her craze

He gave her a patient ear with a smile
One most gracious, charming and agile
They met every day and she would talk and talk
Of life, love and hands in hands they'd walk

Thus he gathered a lot about her, much enough
To lay his trap and be sure that she will rush
He knew what she loved and what she hated
And what made her tick and he slayed it!

She was in a vile trap which she did not ask
Slowly, that gentleman removed his mask
He turned out a wolf in a sheep’s clothing
She was deep in trouble of her own making

But at moment last she was saved
Her father set that villain straight
And kicked him out of her sight 
          And then, gifted her one slap tight!

Father then repeated his golden advice
“Ideas are wealth, never scatter in wild!”
Views and thoughts make up a being
They deserve the most reverend landing

He gave a journal to his chatty daughter
A red satin covered with golden feather
To not disperse thoughts hither & yon
And to save herself from mess then on

Hence, dear women and all my friends 
 One who looks inside, surely awakens
Please save yourself from such a trouble
It’s good to speak half and write double!

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I have the Feather one that I am in love with! This is one in a range of four and the rest are Butterfly, Dragonfly and Fish themed. Apart from usual writing pages, this series by Matrikas has stickers, blank pages, coloring pages, pouch, elastic, to name a few. You will discover many more surprises inside!

This is that loyal friend I was talking about. This special Woman’s Journal will keep your secrets from spilling and will help you to relax and feel safe! 

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Her Quiet Gaze


Quiet gaze


Mists of mountains,

Secrets of forests

Whiff of wild roses

Whispers of seas

Fire of the sun

Calm of the moon

Elusiveness of zephyr

And, that lull of storms;

All enmeshed neatly in a










Friday, May 26, 2017

The blurred line...

Love, poems lie curled up

Within my heart, reluctant

They don’t claw to come out

And, the words breathe curses

Before fading away as echoes

Coming from a far away past

That lies on the other side of

The blurred line that splits

 Dreams and reality...

Saturday, May 6, 2017


What are these shadows,
That as if, burn me with
Gazes as cold and grey
As graveyards at midnight
That, in all their eerie quiet
Accuse me with chapped lips
And make the time stare
As an indifferent passerby
While I try to slay demons
I once left long ago behind

What are these shadows that pass me by,
Every time I close my eyes...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba Everdene

Thomas Hardy’s ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ is one of my favorite fiction works. The protagonist, Miss Bathsheba Everdene is a proud and independent woman who comes across as inspiring as well. This is also an important feminist character in English literature. 

This portrait is of British actress Carey Mulligan who played Bathsheba’s character in the movie based on this novel (by the same name). 

Medium- Color Pencil 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Becoming Jane

Jane Austen is an important name in English literature. She was born on 16 December, 1775 in England and breathed her last on 18 July, 1817. This is a review of her Biopic- ‘Becoming Jane’ that was released in 2007.

“Affection is desirable, money is absolutely indispensable”, tells an exasperated Mrs Austen to Jane, her talented daughter who is single minded focused upon making a living out of writing or “living by my pen” as she declares with evident confidence. The 2007 movie ‘Becoming Jane’ depicts the journey of the second daughter of one respected but middle class Austen family that lived in Hampshire, England in the Victorian era during the reign of King George III. The movie begins with her trying her hands at the piano at their huge house deep in the country side and confessing her love of writing to her good-natured but hapless elder sister Cassandra. Her clergyman father, Reverend Austen, feels proud of Jane’s aspirations but her mother scorns her writing and wants her to focus solely upon getting married before her age slips by. Then, in her otherwise single and insipid life, like a breath of fresh air, arrives Tom Lefroy (Thomas Langlois Lefroy) a young but penniless law student living off his snooty uncle’s pittance. After some initial misunderstandings and arguments, they fall deeply in love. However, they are star crossed and as the Cupid seems to be sullen with the match, they separate but after sometime despite being engaged to a rich girl, Lefroy again asks for his former lover’s hand, for he realizes the depth of his feelings for that beautiful and sensible budding writer. Here, the story takes another spin and we see Jane taking a decision she does not regret. Years later, she is shown to have become a famous writer and often addressed as ‘The Jane Austen’ with awe and admiration by everyone.

The movie has many other interesting characters and if you have read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ that was initially titled ‘First Impressions’ you will be easily able to identify many of the characters of the novel like Lady Catherine, Willam Darcy, Mr. Collins, Jane and of course, Elizabeth Bennet who was inspired by author’s very own self. Her personal life only was the inspiration for this work, except that the ending was as she had always desired her love life to be- happy and prosperous.

Returning to the movie, actress Anne Hathaway who has portrayed Jane Austen, has delivered a praiseworthy performance. However, she differs much from the author in person as unlike hers, Austen’s face was round and features were smaller. The Victorian styled flowing dresses, old-school chivalry, feather hats, ballroom parties, churches, houses, horse-carriages and the beautiful English countryside are enough to create a likable background, imparting a real appeal to the movie. The dialogues are well penned and the pace is neither fast nor slow. However, initially it becomes a bit confusing to remember the characters as so many of them are introduced all of a sudden within minutes. Apart from that, this movie is pretty enjoyable and throws much light not only upon Jane Austen’s headstrong persona, maturity and love for literature & writing but also upon the condition of women who were coerced by the society to direct all their wit and charms in securing good husbands for themselves as well as upon the pitiable state of women writers in that era. This movie does not cover her final days; she died young at the age of 41 of a prolonged illness.

Rating- 4/5  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Haiku Horizons- Drop

This is for Haiku Horizons and this week's prompt is 'drop'

The sky drops a faded star
Creates space for a bright new
Till shine allures

The sky drops a faded star
I make a wish on its death
With agony it burns

Monday, April 17, 2017

Nonstop Us!

Microsoft’s Bill Gates was probably quite correct when he had once exclaimed that the Indians were the smartest people he had ever come across. In many ways, if I observe from the point of view of a distant and unattached watcher, I can see his statement hold much truth. From spirituality to medicine, from astrology to music, not a field remains where Indians have not shown some mind blowing awesomeness. However, I do not intend to document such accolades in various fields, but to talk about the thing I sincerely believe has not only contributed much to the success of Indians but has also made them stand tall in the domain of recycling and managing finesse with few materials. I am talking what we all commonly call ‘Jugaad’ or improvisation, for there are not many terms that can resonate closely with the exact meaning and spirit of this term that in itself has come to be associated with Indians and India. We make do with whatever is available for doing what we need to, instead of waiting for full and proper formal resources. For example, people have coupled old discarded jeep chassis with small diesel engines (used for water pumps) to convert them into improvised vehicles for movement and transportation locally in their fields and villages. One innovative man managed to make espresso coffee using a simple pressure cooker. We find countless such improvisations in our daily lives. The Indians are masters of managing everything with anything!

For this let us go back in time. Right from olden times, Indians have been fond of recycling. Sarees (a garment worn by ladies) were converted into cushion covers and table mats and old papers into useful items of papier-mâché. Later on, when India was low on prosperity and was looked down upon by Europe and America, many inventions came of out the innovative brains of Indians. There were done not just by scientists and engineers but by students and housewives. That is my very point! Reusing something with extreme effectiveness makes India unique. It is the real Indian way of thinking and indeed a unique contributor to our success. From discarded machine parts and metal flaps to a complete house made of discarded plastic bottles and from clay fridge running sans electricity to creative crafts, Indians have a peculiar way of thinking and putting any discarded item to some really good use. Nowadays, entrepreneurship is on a rise in our country and much of the credit for this innovative thinking goes to the ability of Indian to manage with fewer resources and optimally utilize every resource. We can see profitable ventures being run from one room offices with less space and few people managing new ventures. I am an entrepreneur myself and when I started this venture, I managed with local resources, day to day things instead of first setting up a huge structure and investing huge amounts of time and money.

I am fond of some creativity too as well as contributing towards recycling and reducing waste. I did some crafts from old CDs and of papers and they were well received on social media. However, that is a very trivial thing; the point is, this way of thinking has contributed to my success and like most Indians I am confident of surviving anywhere in the world with low resources or in adverse conditions. That allows me to dream big without musing over perfect conditions or expecting the same as well. The Indian values that I have imbibed give me the confidence of not losing my morals even in a substandard company and while tackling a shrewd world.

Every year, many foreign companies enter India with high hopes as this country provides an eye-popping huge market but only a few survive. One major reason is adaptation to the Indian ways that guarantees win. Unfortunately, only a handful adapt that effectively. One company that has done that surprisingly and dexterously well and has taken to Indian ways as a fish takes to water is Lufthansa Airlines of Germany. India and Germany have old ties and have been friends for long. I am also reminded of a lovely German friend who loves Indian food and clothing. Also, one of my cousins has married a German woman who is in love with interpersonal relationships and familial bonds so prominent in our culture. Lufthansa, which is the largest airline of Germany, has created a very catchy commercial. I have flown in a few other airlines but none of them was engaging or very pleasing in terms of service and comfort. Instead of employing separate English and Hindi speaking crew members, Lufthansa has bilingual crew. This step saves on company’s cost and hence some benefits are passed on to the customer. Also, this step does not make the flight look crowded. Another good example on maximum utilization!

Lufthansa's new advert shows how people are enjoying Indian influence of our traditional politeness, culinary delights and respect for elders, deeply ingrained in every Indian. In this new commercial, a man muses over the strategies to defeat Indians but when he and his team fly Lufthansa India, this thought escapes his mind and they enjoy the courtesy and grace of Lufthansa India crew! That touches the heart! Lufthansa is definitely #MoreIndianThanYouThink

Check out this amazing airline @ www.moreindianthanyouthink.com