Friday, May 25, 2018

I Don't Give a Damn!

Indian Masses-

Inflation is so high, fuel prices are on fire, unemployment is rising, farmers are killing 

themselves, rape- graph is steep. Everything is haywire

'Oh! where shall I go what shall I do?'


Monday, May 21, 2018


I happened to watch the ‘Chakravyuh’ scene of B. R Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’ today on Epic channel and the first thing that struck me was its uncanny similarity with a certain thing. The young, confident and cheerful Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh formation when his uncles and other family members promised to help him but later they were barred from entering the formation by the enemy soldiers. Inside, Abhimanyu was attacked by his elders in the Kaurava army all at a time: an unethical attack. He died bravely defending himself and crying for this father. Gurus Dronachrya and Kripacharya were genuinely sad about this but could not do anything. A brave young life was lost due to unethical fighting.

‘Chakravyuh’ exist in modern context too and are known by the name of the ‘Arranged Indian Marriages’ that don’t turn out to be as expected. A young and confident girl enters the alliance but ends up catering to everyone’s demands and fighting for her freedom and rights. Her family members are not allowed to interfere and thus they become helpless as well. She ‘dies’ fighting, not literally always, and even though her downfall and deterioration is mourned by a few members, they are too dependent to take a stand. An arranged marriage in India is an unethical combat that swallows young lives where they not only battle for their freedom every day; they are attacked by many societal malpractices all at once as well. There is no way out from such formations, they are one way streets that lead only to frustration and rapid decline.

Image from Shutterstock
Warrior Abhimanyu entering the Chakravyuha. 
Stone artworks of the 12th century Hoysaleshwara temple in Halebidu, India.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Funday Craft!

Sunday is funday and today I did some craft activity using a waste sanitary tile piece, a black 
marker pen and sketch pens! 

On this tile piece, I first sketched something I liked!

Then, filled in the colors with sketch pens. It took some time for the ink to dry up. I baked the piece for 50 seconds in a  microwave too and it really helped to seal the ink.

I tried pasting a magnet but the piece was a hit heavy for it so using a good adhesive, I pasted it on a wooden shelf.


I just love it! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Child Playing Violin


I have a certain liking for such kids! This child, oblivious of all the frivolities and distractions around, is busy playing her little violin. Art not only channelizes the energy of a child but also keeps him/her away from useless things like video-games, chatting and girlfriends/boyfriends.

Medium- Color pencils

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tell me

Tell me what pinched you more

That I refused to be sorry

Or did so with a nerve?

Friday, April 27, 2018

To ‘T’ or Not To ‘T’

I could not stop myself from expressing my thoughts when I came across an article that justified tracing, in a famous art magazine. Yes, the same tracing our Drawing and Biology teachers would frown upon and promptly give a ‘redo’ for. Tracing is basically copying a picture from its original source. As the name suggests, you just ‘trace’ the whole image without taking the pains of drawing it with hand along with all the aspects, measurements, shadow & light and of course, perspectives, a very important thing most people just do not care about. When we trace an image, we let our drawing skills take a backseat by cheating deliberately. All the skill then is required is that of coloring. In a way it is ‘manual photocopying’!

Advocates of tracing call it an absolute necessity for creating ‘hyper-realistic’ art. They state that many great painters traced too and also that end result matters and not the means, a point with which I absolutely refuse to concur. Art lies in the skill of the person, in his practice and dexterity to handle sketch and colors. Tracing is like writing an exam with guidebook open and then celebrating full scores. Yes, I consider it nothing more than plain stupidity and cheating the person appreciating and buying your art. It is said that the beauty of art lies in imperfection, there is no art sans it and I find no reason to disagree. In long run, tracing destroys an artist’s talent for the ability to recreate a photograph or a live thing or person accurately on paper which is used to gauge an artist.

To get to this final sketch of Daniel Craig as James Bond took me around nine or ten drafts. I never faced this much difficulty with any portrait but when after more than a week or so I got my base sketch correctly, I felt happy and proud of myself. This work may not be realistic or perfect but it is honest and has helped me brush up my art a bit more. Looking at my works give me inner peace and happiness, precisely for which I am into- fine-art.

Those masters who trace will surely lose their art in a few years while those novices who do so, unfortunately, will never get to develop the same in the first place. So, in my personal view, tracing is nothing more than suicide for an artist. Our Drawing and Biology teachers were indeed right.

By the way, I wonder if tracing is not cheating then what is?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Definitely Abroad With #DefinitelyPTE

A good education is undoubtedly the foundation of a successful and rewarding life. The importance of education cannot be overestimated and right from school to college, every institution one studies in, shapes the life greatly. In fact, a person is all about what he has learned and experienced in his years of education. Even though there is no dearth of good educational institutions in India, many other macro factors limit the seats and hence, students look towards other lucrative option in foreign lands. Some of the greatest educational institutions are situated abroad and boast of an enviable alumni list. Many Universities offer very affordable fee structure while some, an extremely rewarding cultural life. To experience such education is indeed a matter of great privilege. However, to join a good university abroad, apart from funds, there are many things that are needed to be taken care of. After one chooses his or her preferred university on the basis of criteria like the course of choice, fee structure, location, scholarship alumni, and the like, comes the next steps- the paperwork and the English Language Test. The paperwork including visa and passport formalities, medical certificates and travel insurance can be managed without much trouble but the latter requires knowledge and skills to crack the barrier and move ahead towards the goal. This test is taken by students whose native language is not English. The valid score card of an English language test like ILETS (The International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is necessary for admission to universities abroad.

IELTS comes in two variants, viz, ‘The Academic’ and ‘The General Training’. While the former is for those aiming for higher education in foreign universities, the latter is for those wishing to migrate to Canada, Australia and the UK or to apply for secondary education, training and work experience in an English-speaking country. More than 10K institutes and training organizations across the world accept IELTS score while more than 9K colleges in 130 countries accept TOEFL. A good score in these can ensure the success of the endeavor to study or work abroad.

Studying abroad is definitely not a cakewalk; there are problems like financial aid, tax issues, and medical certifications apart from competitive test scores. Some universities offer hostels while for others, students need to manage their own accommodations. This can be daunting a bit but can be managed with a good professional help. English tests like ILETS and TOEFL too can be successfully cracked with professional help like that of Pearson Academic. Foreign countries that have English as native language prefer a good score in such tests so that the student faces no major issues when he or she arrives to the institution.
PTE Academic is by far the best way to crack the English Language Test. Scores arrive as early as within five days and the testing system is fully computer based. These scores are accepted in all the universities in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand and also in most universities in other major education hubs like UK, USA, Singapore, Canada and Europe. Moreover, one can send the scores to as many universities as he or she desires without any additional fee! #DefinitelyPTE is the best choice in this regard!

PTE Academic is a hassle free three hour computerized test that can be taken round the year and is highly accurate and unbiased. It comprises of three parts after a one minute intro in the beginning. Part I is ‘Speaking and Writing’ with is 77-93 minutes long. Part II is ‘Reading’ and is 32-41 minutes long and Part III is ‘Listening’ which is 45-57 minutes long. An optional scheduled break of ten minutes is given as well making it easy on the nerves of the student! A good score can push up the chances of being accepted by the dream university. Thus for this, we can refer to PTE Preparation Course that come in three packages namely, Silver, Gold and Platinum Test Preparation Kit and can be purchased online on pocket friendly prices!

Once you are prepared, the test centre needs to be decided. PTE Academic has no dearth of test centers round the world. In India, 25 recognized centers including PTE’s own test centers are available for choice to the student. Thus any centre across the country that is most suitable can be easily booked! These centers are available not only in metros like new Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, but in smaller cities as well like in Rajkot, Patiala and Nagpur, to name a few. The process is trouble-free; PTE Academic test can be booked on phone by calling the PTE Administrators or online by logging in to their web page. The candidates have to register themselves with the basic information and once the registration is successful, a test can be scheduled as per the student’s convenience!

PTE Academic is widely accepted by thousands of universities and educational institutions around the globe. Even Ivy League ones like Harvard and Stanford accept PTE scores! Some universities in this long list are-
·        INSEAD (Fontainebleau & Singapore)
·        Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
·        Tokyo International University
·        Birmingham City University
·        Durham University
·        Princeton University

Studying abroad is an enriching and rewarding experience. Travel and cultural mixing takes one out of his or her cocoon and throws wide open the doors of success through which several amazing opportunities come rushing in! Trust PTE Academic for making your dream of securing a foreign degree a concrete reality!

#DefinitelyPTE gives wings to your dreams!
Check out this video!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Dr. Shashi Tharoor (born 9 March 1956) is an Indian politician and a former diplomat who is currently serving as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from ThiruvananthapuramKerala since 2009. 

He was born in London to a Malayali family from Palakkad, Kerala. His paternal uncle was the founder of Readers Digest in India. 
Read more@ Wikipedia

Medium- FC Polychromos color pencils and white gel pen

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It’s A Yes!

The dictionary defines the verb ‘Travel’ not only as ‘to move or to go from one place to another’ but also as ‘to proceed or advance in anyway’. I believe that the latter resonates more closely with the verb these days. Even in this era of technology where everything is available on one touch or click, physical travelling remains unmatched in the kind of expansion it can bring to one’s life. Travel fills you up not only with memories but dreams and hopes too; it teaches you much about life, people, exploration and most importantly, surviving. It makes you see what a huge universe lies beyond you little plush room or cabin. Travel is nothing short of a panacea for it can make one creative, cure depression to a good extent, makes you independent, wiser and can break old attitudes and notions like it did in my case.

Many years back till I visited the happening and beautiful Goa, I had very different notions about the place. If I were asked to define Goa in few words then, I would have said ‘drugs’, ‘dates’, ‘foreigners’ and ‘nudity’ but after one visit everything changed. Let me share this unforgettable experience of mine in short-

I visited Goa many years back on a college trip, long enough to travel and explore the place. Initially we were wary and were asked by the more cautious classmates who did not join us on the trip to keep a ‘safe distance’ from ‘that sorts’ and drugs. Many boys regarded Goan girls as ‘free’ and ‘available’ and Goan locals something as sloshed country idiots living a dull life. I will be honest here that when we reached that place, our perceptions were colored by these notions to a large extent; but that is what travel always does- it makes you unlearn and relearn the facts, breaks old molds and fills new colors into your lives. We noticed a different air. Coming from plains, I was usually not dexterous in enjoying beaches and beach parties. Women roaming around in skimpy clothing were observed with raised eyebrows. However, few days into this smallest Indian state, the only one to have two official languages- Konkani and Marathi, made me shed my old attitudes. By the way, I did not know Konkani was an altogether different language! Beaches can be enjoyed far more in swimming costumes and the humid climate of the place can discourage anyone from putting on too many clothes or heavy garments like sarees and salwar suits. The Portuguese (Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than four centuries and gained independence only in 1961), the aboriginal Konkani and the colonial catholic influence have led to a potpourri of cultures that is also quite charming. The dresses and skirts people wear in Goa suit the place, culture and the climate. The people are fond of liquor, particularly a local one made from cashew called ‘Feni’

The churches provide a cool and serene quietness, no less soothing than what I feel in temples. We visited many churches and found the love of Jesus pronounced in the very air of the place. Smiling locals, happy in their little lives closer to nature, merry and helpful foreigners giving you tips on swimming on beaches, old couples enjoying their sunset years and girls celebrating their freedom far from the peering eyes and filthy tongues of those around (unlike in Northern India), the multicultural cuisines and wonderful baked food items and a vibrant nightlife that could give wild Delhi a good complex, opened my mind and gave me a different perspective on life. If someone is different or has lesser inhibitions from you, then it does not make him or her cheap and degraded. Goa tells us precisely this thing. This place teaches us in its own subtle blithely way to coexist and enjoy life before it slips. As I said before, travel is indeed a panacea; it helped me to form some friendships that have stood the test of rough times.

I am happy that I stepped out of my little room, traveled and became more open-minded and tolerant of many things.

I am so happy to have said yes to the world!

You too can say Yes To The World with Lufthansa, the largest German airline and with its subsidiaries, also the largest airline in Europe!

Check out this beautiful video-

Images from Pixabay.com

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